Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flex: Adobe's "free lunch"

Adobe today gave us a lot of surprises, this year the company announced that it will release their Flex SDK source code.

Flex SDK is composed of many technologies, including the Flex Framework, Flex Components and ActionScript 3.0 libraries - they will follow the open source license (Mozilla Public License).

Since the company's release Flex 1.0, his rival for the provision of free open source OpenLaszlo, today, Adobe announced that they will provide more Flex SDK source code, so developers are free to download, expand and provide expanded over The Flex compiler, components and application framework.

Adobe, scheduled in July 2007 to allow users access to their Flex bug database and posting daily builds of Flex SDK. December 2007 should see the release of Flex 3, and the code will be named "Moxie", when this version was released, Adobe would like to allow users to access Flex Subversion Knowledge.

Adobe Labs is interested in expanding the design of the project developer provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Adobe Flash Player and the new runtime Aollo still not open source, they will continue to Flex Data Services and Pay the same as the Charting components. Are interested, you can see it Microsoft's newly released Silverlight web browser plug-in effects.

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